6 Months Down


Allen County YR

It is hard to believe, but as of today, we have finished the first 6 months of our administration of the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans. I am proud of the work that has been done in such a short amount of time by our State Committee Members, our county chairmen, and their teams.

From Crown Point to New Albany, from Evansville to Fort Wayne – the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans is in a strong position to make advances for our party and our state in terms of education, recruitment, growth, campaigns, advocacy, and the launching of leaders at a level not seen by this organization before.

Since May of 2013, we have accomplished every goal we set to have completed by the end of the year within our 5-Year Strategic Plan – and then some. We have also seen tremendous growth and great events lead by many of our county chapters – including Elkhart, Hamilton, Johnson, and Porter Counties this year that garnered sizable crowds and interest in their organizations.

Our strength is found at the local and county level, and our focus must continue to be our chapters across the state. They are the foundation of our success and what will move our state forward in a positive way, town by town and county by county.

Some of the items that we accomplished together are:

  • Redefining and Reshaping the IFYR
  • Committing to a defined “Seriousness of Purpose”
  • Organizing IFYR as an incorporated non-for-profit
  • Declaring a State Political Organization Tax Status and setting up a State PAC
  • Major Overhaul to our Governing Documents, including our Constitution and By-Laws
  • Creating several new County Chapters, many where none existed before
  • Brought several old County Chapters that were dormant out of dormancy.
  • Working to Strengthen our existing County Chapters
  • Creation of a new, functional, and updated website
  • Implementation of our Social Media Strategy
  • Seeking a Partnership with the Indiana Federation of College Republicans
  • Renewing and Strengthening our Partnership with the Indiana GOP
  • Appointment of an Executive Director, Social Media Manager, and Communications Director
  • Implementation of an aggressive Fundraising effort to fund YR deployments across the State of Indiana
  • In the election off-year, IFYR obtained an out-of-state sponsorship and deployed to Virginia to assist with elections there – testing our deployment plan.

There is so much more to come – but for now,  I’d like to say how proud and humbled I am to lead this organization alongside so many great State and County leaders, working to make a better Indiana. We will be updating our 5-Year Strategic Plan in January of 2014 to reflect new goals and our commitment to the ones we’ve not finished yet! I am so excited about 2014 and what it will bring for our State, our party, and our organization! Thank you all for the part you played and continue to play in our success.

Thanks for a wonderful 2013 and here’s to a prosperous 2014!

Michael Neal
State Chairman
Indiana Federation of Young Republicans