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Hoosiers in Mobile

1069372_10200761799099660_253494732_nAs you know, several members of the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans went down to the Young Republican National Convention in Mobile, Alabama last week. Young Republican leaders and members from across the nation came together to discuss important issues, elect a new leadership team, network, fellowship together, and even have a little fun!

Delegations from 44 states met to chart a course for the future of our organization and of our party. After our party’s loss of the 2012 Presidential Election, we realize it is more important than ever to engage young voters; from educating to training for leadership. From running for office to working for those running for office. It is crucial that we do what we can to win the young vote. We must become more relevant in the areas of social media, marketing, and articulating our message. We’ve had the right ideas, just the wrong packaging.

Indiana has been leading the way nationally in limited governance, fiscal responsibility, economic prosperity, protection of life, and many other areas. The same goes for our campaign successes, emerging Young Republican Leaders, and strong State Party status.

In Mobile, we met many people – just like us – who care deeply about their states and their nation. They want to see steady change in America and want to be the “tip of the spear” in their regions. They want to see young leaders raised up as well as see the next generation take responsibility for the direction of our nation.

At this convention, I had the privilege of being unanimously elected to lead the Midwest as the Midwestern Regional Vice-Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) – serving a 2-year term on the Board of Directors. The board also chose 7th District YR Vice-Chairman Mark Warner as a member of the YRNF Communications Committee. We look forward to serving Indiana, our party, and our nation.

Indiana is leading the nation in many areas, and we look forward to continuing the conversation of how to better our nation with the example our state is to America.

Michael Neal
State Chairman

The Chairman’s Blog


IFYR Officers on a State Committee Conference Call

With just less than 2 months under our belts, I can proudly say that we have made tremendous progress with redefining and redeveloping the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans! The team that you elected hit the ground running the day after the convention! While there is much to do, we are very happy with the speed of progress within our organization. Here are just a few of the many things our leadership team has accomplished since our election on May 18:

  • Full Implementation of the 5-Year Strategic Plan
  • Redesign of the IFYR Website
  • Presentation and meetings with the INDGOP State Committee
  • Continuing survey of current County YR Chapters
  • Full Implementation of our Social Media Strategy
  • New and fully active Facebook Page and Twitter Account
  • Building our Membership and Leadership e-mail communication system, including Monthly Newsletter plan
  • District YR Caucuses in progress
  • Relationship building with party leaders, elected officials, future candidates, and faithful GOP members
  • Moving forward with incorporation, tax status, and related measures to make the IFYR more functional in fundraising efforts
  • Writing a Chapter Starter Manual
  • Appointment of Legal Counsel

These are just some of the many things our team has accomplished or what we have started working on. We are excited to strengthen our organization, our party, and our state! With our focus being that “our future is now,” the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans is intent on seeing leaders raised up, working with candidates and elected officials during elections, educating the young side of the electorate on issues we are facing today, and network Young Republicans together. From meetings to social events, from fundraisers to cookouts – we know we can make an impact!

I have created “The Chairman’s Blog” to bring you reports on our organization as well as speak to key issues of the day. Keep your eye out for more to come!

Michael Neal
State Chairman
Indiana Federation of Young Republicans