Hand Holding Olympic TorchThe primary is over, but our job as Republicans is just beginning.

Firstly, my congratulations to those who were victorious in their primary campaigns. The level of passion and interest by Republicans this year was encouraging. Across the state of Indiana, there were multiple races from Congressional seats to Township Board positions that garnered several candidates.

To those who did not come out of their primary as the nominee: thank you for running. Your voice was heard and your point made, and while you didn’t win, you affected the direction of the election.

Now, the next phase begins.

Those who supported the winner must now reach out to those supporters and workers who did not. Those who lost must now stand behind those who did.

Why? Because we are all Republicans.

Without each other, we will not win the victories we need to keep Indiana, our districts, our counties, and our municipalities moving forward in the direction of economic growth, educational choice, strong family structures, lower taxes, streamlined government, and balanced budgets.

One thing is for sure – if our majorities fall to the opposing party, our reforms will be reversed in multiple areas. While your candidate may not be the nominee, we must stand strong together for an even better Indiana.

If we are unified, we will do just that.

Together, we are One Party Working for Indiana. Apart, we are just a group of aimless volunteers out taking a walk.

I look forward to joining you at our State Party Convention in June and on the campaign trail!

Michael A. Neal
State Chairman
Indiana Federation of Young Republicans