Virginia or Bust

virginia-2bc30bfab4c3f9f472480d57c49fa8dc4fbc9ed7-s6-c30The Indiana Federation of Young Republicans are headed to campaign in Virginia!

We have been invited to a campaign weekend in the great state of Virginia for Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli and their statewide team. We will be partnering with the Ohio and Kentucky Young Republicans on this trip. Many other states YR’s and CR’s will be deploying throughout the month in different areas. The dates for this trip are Friday, October 11th at 7AM EST – Sunday, October 13th at 8PM EST.

ALL expenses will be paid for this trip by the victory team, including all meals (excluding lunch during travel there and back), lodging, and transportation to and from our deployment site in Virginia (approx. 8 hours from Indy).

Here are the plans: Our team will leave at approximately 7AM EST on Friday, Oct. 11 from a supporter’s parking lot in Indy (3205 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227) where we can safely leave our vehicles. We will travel by motor coach to our deployment location and do a phone bank upon arrival. Dinner will happen sometime after that.

On Saturday, we will deploy as needed – both on the ground and at phone banks – basically from 10 am until we can’t go any longer. We will then have another dinner with our deployers.

At a reasonable time Sunday, (approx. 10 or 11am) we will leave for Indiana so we are back at a reasonable time (between 7 and 8pm EST).

This is a quick but furious strike in the home stretch for VA Republicans! PLUS – we will be testing and learning about the NEW grassroots plan and system that Indiana will be using in the 2014 election cycle! This preview and testing in VA will be invaluable to our campaigns next year!

We need a minimum of 25 Young Republicans and/or College Republicans to make this successful – and we can max out at 50. If you would like to join us, please sign up today! Details on our official meeting time and location in Indy to leave for VA will be hammered out in the next few weeks – but it will be in Indy and sometime in the morning! Click here or head to the ‘Deployments’ tab on the top of our website to sign up! 

Looking forward to serving with all of you in Virginia!

Michael A. Neal
State Chairman
Indiana Federation of Young Republicans